Helicotrema – Recorded audio festival 2014

Helicotrema – Recorded audio festival 2014



The following audio works have been selected among the 150 proposals that have been submitted to the Helicotrema 2014 open call.

The selection was made by Blauer Hase (Daniele Zoico, Giulia Marzin, Mario Ciaramitaro, Riccardo Giacconi), Giulia Morucchio (co-curator of the Helicotrema festival), Marco Bruni (writer and PhD candidate in Philosophy at Università San Raffaele) and Antonio Audino (RAI Radio3).

Paola Bianchi

AMAE/De Pinto
58 (+1) indices on the body

Marco Fellini
La caduta

Federico Lupo
Incoming message cassette

Daisuke Nakajoh
Human voice variations no.2

Carlotta Tringali / Daniele Strappato
Il mestiere della fisarmonica


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