Special track for Indices nn.62/63 – Helicotrema Festival 2014

With index n. 58, comes the end of the first series of Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded statements related to the soul. Next Thursday we are taking a little break by uploading the track that was selected for Helicotrema festival in which Mr. Nancy recorded 2 new statements (Indices nn.62/63). The track will include a musical background and is a pilot piece for future development of the project. From Thursday the 4th of December the 58+1 Indices on the body will continue as normal, starting from index 5.

Helicotrema is a four-day festival that presents a program of recorded audio pieces.
The third edition of Helicotrema took place from 17 to 20 September 2014 in Milan.

The festival was hosted at Viafarini DOCVA and Careof DOCVA, as well as at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia and at the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, with the collaboration of RAI Radio3.


Archivio DOCVA
photo by Maeva Tchiouk http://ift.tt/ZKWkqv

Other pics of the event: http://helicotrema.blauerhase.com/tagged/photo









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