The philosopher’s voice: Index n.21

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soundcloud jean_luc nancy INDEX 21

Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice


Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice

21. Un corps est une différence. Comme il est difference d’avec tous les autres corps – alors que les esprits sont identiques – il n’en finit jamais de différer. Il diffère aussi de soi. Comment penser près l’un de l’autre le bébé et le vieillard ?
From 58 Indices sur le corps et extension de l’âme. Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

21. A body is a difference. Since it is a difference from every other body-while minds are identical-it’s never done with differing. It also differs from itself. How are we to ponder a baby and an old man next to one another?
From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus), Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

21. Un corpo è una differenza. Siccome differisce da tutti gli altri corpi mentre gli spiriti sono identici non finisce mai di differire. Differisce anche da sé. Come pensare simili tra loro il neonato e il vegliardo?
From Jean-Luc Nancy, Indizi sul corpo. Ananke Edizioni, Torino, 2009


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