The philosopher’s voice: Index n.31

Index number 31 is now on Soundcloud!

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soundcloud jean_luc nancy Index 31

Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice


Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice
  1. Corps cosmique : de proche en proche, mon corps touche à tout. Mes fesses à ma chaise, mes doigts au clavier, chaise et clavier à la table, table au plancher, plancher aux fondations, fondations au magma central de la terre et aux déplacements des plaques tectoniques. Si je pars dans l’autre sens, par l’atmosphère j’arrive aux galaxies et enfin aux limites sans bornes de l’univers. Corps mystique, substance universelle et marionette tiraillée par mille fils.

From 58 Indices sur le corps et extension de l’âme. Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

  1. Cosmic body: bit by bit, my body touches on everything. My buttocks on my chair, my fingers on the keyboard, the chair and keyboard on the table, the table on the floor, the floor on the foundations, the foundations on the earth’s central magma and shifting tectonic plates. If I go in the other direction, through the atmosphere, I reach galaxies and finally the boundless limits of the universe. A mystic body, a universal substance, and a marionette drawn by a thousand threads.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus), Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

  1. Corpo cosmico: a poco a poco, il mio corpo entra in contatto con tutto. I miei glutei con la sedia, le mie dita con la tastiera, sedia e tastiera col tavolo, il tavolo col pavimento, il pavi­mento con le fondamenta, le fondamenta col magma centrale della terra e gli spostamenti delle placche tettoniche. Se parto nell’altra direzione, attraverso l’atmosfera arrivo alle galassie e infine ai limiti sconfinati dell’universo. Corpo mistico, so­stanza universale e marionetta stiracchiata da mille fili.

From Jean-Luc Nancy, Indizi sul corpo. Ananke Edizioni, Torino, 2009

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