The philosopher’s voice: Index n.32

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soundcloud jean_luc nancy Index32

Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice


Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice

32. Eating isn’t incorporating, but opening the body to the thing we devour, exhaling our insides in the tasting of fish or fig. Running unfolds those same insides with strides, fresh air on the skin, spent breath. Thinking swings tendons, and various springs, back and forth with jets of steam and forced steps over great salt lakes with no discern able horizon. There’s never any incorporation, but always exits, twists, openings-out, channelings or disgorgings, crossings, balancings. Intussusception is a metaphysical chimera.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus), Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

32. Manger n’est pas incorporer, mais ouvrir le corps à ce qu’on avale, exhaler le dedans en saveur de poisson ou de figue. Courir est déplier ce même dedans en enjambées, en air vif sur la peau, en souffle pressé. Penser bascule les tendons et les divers ressorts en jets de vapeur et en marches forcées sur de grands lacs salés sans horizon discernable. Il n’y a jamais d’incorporation, mais toujours des sorties, des torsions, des évasements, des échancrements ou des dégorgements, des traversées, des balancées. L’intussusception est une chimère métaphysique.

From 58 Indices sur le corps et Extension de l’âme. Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

32. Mangiare non è incorporare, ma aprire il corpo a ciò che si inghiotte, esalare il didentro in sapore di pesce o di fico. Cor­rere è dispiegare questo stesso didentro in passi, in aria viva sulla pelle, in respiro accelerato. Pensare capovolge i tendini e le varie molle in getti di vapore e marce forzate su grandi laghi salati privi di un orizzonte distinguibile. Non c’è mai incorporazione, ma sempre uscite, torciture, svasature, scavi o riversamenti, traversate, compensazioni. L’intro-suscettività è una chimera metafisica.

From Jean-Luc Nancy Indizi sul corpo. Ananke Edizioni, Torino, 2009

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