The philosopher’s voice: Index n.52

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soundcloud jean_luc nancy INDEX 52

Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice


Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice
  1. The body works in spasms, contractions and releases, folds, unfoldings, knottings and untyings, twists, somersaults, hiccups, electrical discharges, releases, contractions, quiverings, shakings, goose-bumps, erections, heavings, starts. A body that rises, falls, is emptied out, flaked, pierced, dispersed, zoned, squirts and seeps or bleeds, moistens and dries up or suppurates, grumbles, groans, gasps, creaks, and sighs.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus), Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

  1. Le corps va par spasmes, contractions et détentes, plis, déplis, nouages et déliaisons, torsions, soubresauts, hoquets, décharges électriques, détentes, contractions, tressaillements, secousses, tremblements, horripilations, érections, haut-le-coeur, hautle- corps. Corps qui s’élève, s’abîme, se creuse, s’écaille et se troue, se disperse, se zone, gicle et purule ou saigne, mouille et sèche ou suppure, grogne, gémit, râle, craque et soupire.

From 58 Indices sur le corps et Extension de l’âme. Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

  1. Il corpo va per spasmi, contrazioni e distensioni, pieghe, di­spiegamenti, annodature e sconnessioni, torsioni, soprassalti, singhiozzi, scariche elettriche, distensioni, contrazioni, trasa­limenti, scosse, tremori, raccapricci, erezioni, conati, sussulti. Corpo che si alza, si inabissa, si scava, si squama e si buca, si disperde, si isola, schizza e suppura o sanguina, bagna e secca o spurga, mugugna, geme, rantola, scrocchia e sospira.

From Jean-Luc Nancy Indizi sul corpo. Ananke Edizioni, Torino, 2009


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