63 Variations on the body. The winners!

A big thank from Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE to everyone who participated in our contest.

It was a lot of enjoyment to listen to the wonderful tracks that have been created by you using Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded voice.

In 6 months, we have received more then 60 tracks and finally we have selected 37 tracks. We have the winners!

new_soundcloud jean_luc nancy_greytext

Congratulation to:
Atanackovic David (House_of_hollyz) Indices nn.50/56
Bizzell-Browning Nik Index n.36
Cowell Paul Indices nn.28/29
di Martino Eric Indices nn.7/19/63
Dowling Max (Yedelbert) Indices nn.23
East Charles Index n.34
Flanagan Helen Index n.26
Fragoso Diogo Indices nn.17/37
Gross Stephan Indices nn.33/62
Horvat Frank Index n.59
Larini François (S/QU/NC/R) Index n.60
Lopez Nacarid Indices nn.2/43
Mateo Jose (Soundreamerdays) Index n.58
Moore Stuart Indices nn.6/16
Perrier Paule (User960308066) Index n.20
Risher Tim (Paragaté) Index n.12
Rodriguez Carmen Index n.48
Schulz Luiza Indices nn.8/11
Schwarzkopf Andreas (Le Schwarz) Index n.57
Snow David Jason (Djsnow1054) Index n.52
Szpakowski Michael (Szpako) Index n.14
Tandefelt Max (Mt.Mesh) Index n.49
Tii Soli (Neats Beats) Indices nn.39/40/55
Tomarchio Alessandro (Tommy Cyaen) Index n.31
Vilasanchez Felipe Index n.61
Whyte Ross Index n.42

As you can read not all the 63 tracks are covered by one of the magnificent musical compositions we received. For this reason we are launching a new call for composers to complete our list in the best way.  In few days we will put it on line.

We really want to thank again everyone involved for making this such a fantastic project and please stay tuned!

With our best compliments,

Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE.


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