AMAE/DE PINTO at Pinault Foundation, Punta della Dogana, Venice.


Ph. Courtesy Blauer Hase.

AMAE/De Pinto with Jean-Luc Nancy & Stephen Roddy

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5′:45′’ – 2015

Performer: Jean-Luc Nancy, Philosopher

Composer: Stephen Roddy

Curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE Art Collective

Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 5.30 p.m. at Central Cube of Punta della Dogana / Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, Campo San Samuele, 3231, 30124 Venice

Free entry to Punta della Dogana for the inhabitants of Venice and the students of the Academy of Arts of Venice, IUAV and University Ca’ Foscari.

The project is curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio

Media partner: Radio Rai 3


With the kind support of Eventi Arte Venezia.

Helicotrema | Palazzo Grassi

Audio recorded by Jean-Luc Nancy for the project

Jean-Luc Nancy talking about the project 58 (+1) Indices on the body

(French with subtitles in English)

Twitter @AmaeDePinto

AMAE ART Collective

Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Jean-Luc Nancy

Stephen Roddy


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