AMAE/DE PINTO in collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy at Palazzo Grassi, Venice.

AMAE/De Pinto with Jean-Luc Nancy at Palazzo Grassi

Helicotrema Festival will offer a special sonic visit of the exhibition “Sigmar Polke”, while the Teatrino will host sessions dedicated to exploring the live form.


Exhibition “Sigmar Polke”, Palazzo Grassi, Venice. Detail from ‘Die Trennung des Mondes von den einzelnen Planeten’, 2005, Pinault Collection, Ph. Tiziana Fabi / AFP.

Jean-Luc Nancy performing Index n.62 and Index n.63

This is the track that was selected by Helicotrema festival in which Mr. Nancy performed two Indices: nn.62/63.

The track includes a musical background and was a pilot piece for the project ’63 Variations on the body’.

Performer: Jean-Luc Nancy, Philosopher

Curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE Art Collective



Wednesday 19 October 2016 5 p.m at Palazzo Grassi.

Campo San Samuele, 3231, 30124 Venice

The project is curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio


After last year’s success, Helicotrema continues its collaboration with Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana, all events taking place in the galleries of Palazzo Grassi and the adjacent Teatrino.

A special playlist will accompany visitors to the exhibition “Sigmar Polke”. Here, the sounds can be accessed independently via smartphones and tablet computers.

In the foyer of the Teatrino Palazzo Grassi, however, three collective listening sessions will be organised. The first session is curated by the theorist and performer Brandon LaBelle.The other two sessions contemplate the effects of architecture on sound and the act of listening. These will feature live sets by sound artists Robert Curgenven and Petri Petri Kuljuntausta.

Palazzo Grassi, from 10am to 7pm. Introduction to the project at 5pm.
Axial Age’: Danilo Correale, Vittorio Cavallini, AMAE/De Pinto, Giovanni Lami, Gaëtan Robillard, Maria Balabas, Dario D’Aronco, Mariangela Gualtieri.
Alchemic World’: Alberto Tadiello, James Webb, Matteo Nasini, Roberta Busechian/Christoph Szalay, Pauline Oliveros, Maria Luisa Spaziani.
Rationalism’: Alessandro Bosetti, Alessandra Messali, Petri Kuljuntausta, Roberta Durante, Bernhard Rüdiger, Giacomo Raffaelli, Cecilia Borrettaz.

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, from 6pm to 9pm
Live session:
18:00 – The Hidden Sphere: Brandon LaBelle
19:00 – Climata: Robert Curgenven
20:00 – Petri Kuljuntausta

Free entry from 5pm

Curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio
With the support of OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway
In collaboration with Eventi Arte Venezia
A special thanks to the Pentagram Stiftung


Helicotrema | Palazzo Grassi

Audio recorded by Jean-Luc Nancy for the project

Jean-Luc Nancy talking about the project 58 (+1) Indices on the body

(French with subtitles in English)

Twitter @AmaeDePinto

AMAE ART Collective

Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Jean-Luc Nancy


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