63 Variations on the body, second edition. Selected tracks.

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We really want to thank again everyone involved for making this such a fantastic project.
It was a lot of enjoyment to listen to the wonderful tracks that have been created by all composers using Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded voice.We have received more then 70 tracks and finally we have selected 26 tracks to complete the whole project of ’63 Variations on the body’.

After the launch of this project it is now time to turn the music into visuals.
For this reason, and in anticipation of the making of a documentary about the whole project, we will open a call for a very special workshop for performers and directors to create a short movie for each of the tracks and for each recording by Jean-Luc Nancy.

We are aware that the entire machine we set in motion requires a lot of time, energy and dedication but we are confident that the result will be impressive thanks to the quality of the work of all people involved!

So, congratulation to:
Charlotte Adams (Vortichez) Tracks 18,46
Alberto Alassio Track 41
Donald Beteille Track 27
Nik Bizzell-Browning Tracks 35,54
Neil Brandt Track 22
Simon Christopher Buck (Spaceman Nor Bear) Tracks 9,21
Daniel Diaz Tracks 47,51
Eric di Martino Tracks 5,25
Francisco Mastucci Track 13
Josep Mateo (Soundreamerdays) Tracks 44,53
Luis Menacho Track 38
Roddy Stephen Track 24
Michael Szpakowski (Szpako) Track 4
Nadir Vassena Tracks 3,10,30
Creek Waddington (Sensations) Track 32
Rodney Waters Tracks 15,45
Ross Whyte Track 1

Here, as follows, the complete list including the tracks of first edition’s call.

1 Ross Whyte
2 Nacarid Lopez
3 Nadir Vassena
4 Michael Szpakowski
5 Eric di Martino
6 Stuart Moore
7 Eric di Martino
8 Luiza Schulz
9 Simon Christopher Buck
10 Nadir Vassena
11 Luiza Schulz
12 Tim Risher
13 Francisco Mastucci
14 Michael Szpakowski
15 Rodney Waters
16 Stuart Moore
17 Diogo Fragoso
18 Charlotte Adams
19 Eric di Martino
20 Paule Perrier
21 Simon Christopher Buck
22 Neil Brandt
23 Max Dowling
24 Stephen Roddy
25 Eric di Martino
26 Helen Flanagan
27 Donald Beteille
28 Paul Cowell
29 Paul Cowell
30 Nadir Vassena
31 Alessandro Tomarchio
32 Creek Waddington
33 Stephan Gross
34 Charles East
35 Nik Bizzell-Browning
36 Nik Bizzell-Browning
37 Diogo Fragoso
38 Luis Menacho
39 Soli Tii
40 Soli Tii
41 Alberto Alassio
42 Ross Whyte
43 Nacarid Lopez
44 Josep Mateo
45 Rodney Waters
46 Charlotte Adams
47 Daniel Diaz
48 Carmen Rodriguez
49 Max Tandefelt
50 David Atanackovic
51 Daniel Diaz
52 David Jason Snow
53 Jose Mateo
54 Nik Bizzell-Browning

55 Soli Tii
56 David Atanackovic
57 Andreas Schwarzkopf
58 Jose Mateo
59 Frank Horvat
60 François Larini
61 Felipe Vilasanchez
62 Stephan Gross
63 Eric di Martino

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