This blog is dedicated to the project “58 (+1) INDICES ON THE BODY” – Emulation as mimicry of transit within performance art. Empathy and conflict between identity and otherness.

The project is a collaboration between the artistic collective AMAE and the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto with the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. The topics come from the treaty 58 indices sur le corps (Editor’s note “58 indices on the body”), written in 2006 by Jean Luc Nancy and related to his book Corpus.

This blog is the ideal platform to collect all the ideas, images, videos, texts and documentation of other nature this collaboration will produce through the exchange between all people involved.

AMAE Art Collective as a collaborative singularity, AMAE focuses on the tensions generated in marginalised bodies by heteronormative society. Amae’s research contaminates traditional languages of art communication (poetry, video, sound, photography, installation, performance) with mass media via photographic works and performances, which are often broadcast live on the web. Working on international platforms across the EU, AMAE focuses on intersubjectivity and transfer in performance art; inheritance and mimicry of behaviour; mimicry against emulation; identification and conflict; primary society and contemporary society; time and space of assimilation of empathetic behaviours; behaviours towards otherness; transient bodies; augmented reality.




Pier Giorgio De Pinto is a trans-disciplinary artist, curator, theorist and media trainer. De Pinto concentrates on new media in which he involves the audience, creating performative experiences and immersive environments. Mapping the body as personal genius loci (spirit of the place) referenced to a clearly identifiable psycho-geography is one of the topics on which the artist is working, while drawing thematic inspiration from the television and cinema scene, as well as from the social environment.




Jean-Luc Nancy

Jean-Luc Nancy is a French philosopher emeritus of philosophy at the University of Strasbourg.

Along with Derrida (who dedicated to Nancy a large number of studies) can be considered one of the greatest specialists of deconstructionism. His thought is articulated on different levels from the more political perspective to the wider field of arts and aesthetics (relevant is his text The Muse). His books generate much interest often with strong autobiographical references as ‘Corpus’, which contains the text ‘The intruder’, strong and emotional reflection on his heart transplant. He has collaborated with numerous artists like Claudio Parmeggiani, Claire Denis, Mathilde Monnier, Abbas Kiarostami, Simon Hantai. Recently Mr Nancy also curated the exhibition L’altro ritratto (The other portrait) at MART Art Museum in Rovereto, Italy.

Over the past two years, the encounter with Pier Giorgio De Pinto and the collective AMAE for their project 58 (+1) Indices on the body stimulated Jean-Luc Nancy to revise his text 58 Indices sur le corps, by expanding it and implementing four new “indices” specifically created for this project. At the same time, for the first time, he recorded his voice reading all his “Indices”. Some of these recordings will be performed in streaming or live during events and/or exhibitions with AMAE / DE PINTO among others during the Festival INACT in Strasbourg in May 2014 and the event The Voice and the Lens at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, United Kingdom in June 2014.



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