AMAE/DE PINTO Indices nn. 62_63. A living archive. Whitechapel Gallery, London

Performance at Whitechapel Gallery, London. The Voice and the Lens Festival. June 2014


AMAE/DE PINTO Indices nn. 60_61. A living archive

Performance at MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Switzerland – May 2014




C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies Workshop and Performance

58. Why 58 indices? Because 5 + 8 = the members of the body, arms, legs, and head, and the eight regions of the body: the back, the belly, the skull, the face, the buttocks, the genitals, the anus, the throat.
Or else because 5 + 8 = 13 and 13 = 1 & 3, 1 standing for unity (one body) and 3 standing for an endlessly circulating agitation and transformation; dividing and exciting itself among the body’s matter, soul and spirit … Or even: the arcane XIII of the tarot deck designating death, death incorporating the body in an everlasting universal body of mud and
chemical cycles, of heat and stellar bursts.

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Selected participants to the workshop and performance C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

scorri in basso per italiano.

Many thanks to all of those who sent their proposal for the workshop/performance C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

Due to the high number of subscriptions we accepted 10 profiles instead of 8.

Jean-Luc Nancy has confirmed that he will be present via Internet  streaming so the participants can interact with the philosopher in real time!

Here is the list of selected profiles:

Filippo Armati – Switzerland

Maurizio Candeloro – Italy

Marco Favazzi – Italy

Elisabetta Locatelli – Italy

Clyo Lurati – Switzerland

Amedeo Schwaller – Switzerland

Emila Sirakova – Bulgaria

Juliana Irene Smith – USA

Chiara Spata – Italy

Christian Zucconi – Italy


Molte grazie a tutti coloro che hanno inviato la loro proposta di adesione al workshop/performance  C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

A causa dell’alto numero di sottoscrizioni abbiamo accettato 10 partecipanti al posto di 8.

Jean-Luc Nancy ha confermato la sua presenza via streaming per cui i partecipanti potranno interagire con il filosofo in real time!

Ecco la lista dei selezionati:

Filippo Armati – Svizzera

Maurizio Candeloro – Italia

Marco Favazzi – Italia

Elisabetta Locatelli – Italia

Clyo Lurati – Svizzera

Amedeo Schwaller – Svizzera

Emila Sirakova – Bulgaria

Juliana Irene Smith – USA

Chiara Spata – Italia

Christian Zucconi – Italia

Spuren 2.0. Index n. 17: Proximity and distance. E-Werk. Freiburg. 12.07.2013

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The 58 (+1) indices on the body will be hosted by Spuren Symposium c/o E-Werk. Freiburg.

ewerk4 ewerk6 ewerk7 ewerk9

all photos by Pier Giorgio De Pinto © Pro Litteris/Zurich

AMAE/DE PINTO performing at E_WERK in Freiburg (Germany)

AMAE/DE PINTO performing at E-WERK in Freiburg (Germany)


Ph. by Pier Giorgio De Pinto © PRO LITTERIS / Zürich

Index n.17_Proximity and Distance
Performance by AMAE/DE PINTO
Friday 12 July 2013 from 9.00 p.m. throughout 10.00 p.m.
In the framework of the SPUREN symposium, due to be held in the E-Werk space in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, from 12 to 14 July 2013.
Entrance is free of charge.
The theme of the Spuren symposium this year focuses on the link between digital and physical. Current manifestations of Self in our world can be investigated by studying the emergence of new environmental implications and multimedia connections.
The AMAE artists’ collective is partnering with the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto, continuing to pursue its performances inspired by the essay by the philosopher Jean Luc Nancy entitled 58 Indices on the Body.
After its début in Freiburg’s Municipal Cinema, when the co-operation was consolidated between the Amae/De Pinto artistic partnership and the French philosopher known for his fundamental work Corpus, the project of 58+1 Indices on the Body is now confirming its presence in an even more ambitious setting: Freiburg’s E-Werk cultural centre.
*AMAE: “When De Pinto expressed a wish to create a performance inspired by Nancy’s essay, we answered: why only one and not 58?”
*AMAE: “What Mr Nancy writes is not just philosophy. His writings are poetry: pure art. We set out to capture his voice, to give a dimension of sound to his text and to take that sound into all the places in the world that have the potential to appreciate it.”
*De Pinto: “After attending the début performance, Mr Nancy had words to say that we found immensely moving, filling us with positive energy to drive our project forward. After the solo show I held in 2010 in the MACT/CACT with the title of Corpus, I find that the project of the 58 indices constitutes its necessary continuation.”
*Jean-Luc Nancy: “When I watched the performance by Amae/De Pinto, it made me understand why I wrote the essay of the 58 indices… On the basis of what I had the opportunity to see in this performance, I find it is a text to which I ought to add something. If in due course you manage to present all the indices, the entire project… that would be splendid.”
*Opinions gathered during the workshop at the Municipal Cinema in Freiburg in June 2013.
[Translation Pete Kercher]

©2013 shots by Simon Schwab & Jonas Konstandin published with the kind permission of Jean-Luc Nancy

Pier Giorgio De Pinto
Thanks to Dr. med Dr. phil. Martin Dornberg and Prof. Daniel Fetzner of mbody (Artistic Research in Media, Somatics, Dance and Philosophy). Prof. Johnny Golding, Director of the Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR), The School of Art, Birmingham City University.
Many thanks to Phil. Jean-Luc Nancy, Professor of Philosophy at the Université de Strasbourg for the collaboration with the project.

Index N.10_The unity of a touch.


Index n.10_The unity of a touch.
A body is also a prison for the soul. In it, the soul pays for a very serious crime whose nature is hard to discern. Which is why the body’s so heavy and awkward for the soul. It has to digest, sleep, excrete, sweat, be defiled, be hurt, fall ill.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus)Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

French translation:

Le corps est aussi une prison pour l’âme. Elle y purge une peine dont la nature n’est pas facile à discerner, mais qui fut très grave. C’est pourquoi le corps est très lourd et très malaisé pour l’âme. Il lui faut digérer, dormir, excréter, suer, se salir, se blesser, tomber malade. 

Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.


Index N.10_The unity of a touch.
20th of June 2013

On the occasion of _ENCOUNTERS EXHIBITION at @AE Harris, Birmingham, UK

Thanks to :
CFAR Centre for Fine Art Research of Birmingham Institute for Art & Design (BIAD) UK
MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino CH
mbody – künstlerische Forschung in Medien, Somatik, Tanz und Philosophie e.V. D

frame_index10Pier Giorgio De Pinto © Pro Litteris/Zurich

Index N.17_Proximity and Distance.

58 (+1) INDICES ON THE BODY. Index n.17_Proximity and Distance.

Body to body, side to side or face to face, aligned or opposed, most often just mixed, tangential, and having little to do with each other. But that’s how bodies, which properly exchange nothing, send one another quantities of signals, notices, winks, or signaletic gestures. A bearing, debonair or lofty, a tensing up, an appeal, a depression, a gravity, a flair. And whatever belongs to the categories of words like youth or old age, work or boredom, force or awkwardness . .. Bodies cross paths, rub up against each other, press each other. Take buses, cross streets, enter supermarkets, step into cars, wait their turn in line, sit down in movie theaters after passing in front of ten other bodies.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus)Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

French translation:

Corps à corps, côte à côte ou face à face, alignés ou affrontés, le plus souvent seulement mêlés, tangents, ayant peu à faire entre eux. Mais ainsi les corps qui n’échangent proprement rien s’envoient des quantités de signaux, d’avertissements, de clins d’yeux ou de gestes signalétiques. Une allure débonnaire ou hautaine, une crispation, une séduc- tion, un affaissement, une pesanteur, un éclat. Et tout ce qu’on peut mettre sous des mots comme « jeunesse » ou « vieillesse », comme « travail » ou « ennui », comme « force » ou « gaucherie »… Les corps se croisent, se frôlent, se pressent. Prennent l’autobus, traversent la rue, entrent dans le super- marché, montent dans des voitures, attendent leur tour dans la file, s’asseyent au cinéma après être passés devant dix autres corps.

Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

AMAE/DE PINTO present at the Kommunales Kino Gallery in Freiburg (D)

Index N.17_Proximity and Distance.

16th June 2013

On the occasion of SPUREN 2.0 / Körper-Medien-Sinnlichkeit by MBODY Research.

Thanks to :

CFAR Centre for Fine Art Research of Birmingham Institute for Art & Design (BIAD) UK

MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino CH

mbody – künstlerische Forschung in Medien, Somatik, Tanz und Philosophie e.V. D

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