AMAE/DE PINTO Indices nn. 62_63. A living archive. Whitechapel Gallery, London

Performance at Whitechapel Gallery, London. The Voice and the Lens Festival. June 2014


AMAE/DE PINTO Indices nn. 60_61. A living archive

Performance at MACT/CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Switzerland – May 2014




C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies Workshop and Performance

58. Why 58 indices? Because 5 + 8 = the members of the body, arms, legs, and head, and the eight regions of the body: the back, the belly, the skull, the face, the buttocks, the genitals, the anus, the throat.
Or else because 5 + 8 = 13 and 13 = 1 & 3, 1 standing for unity (one body) and 3 standing for an endlessly circulating agitation and transformation; dividing and exciting itself among the body’s matter, soul and spirit … Or even: the arcane XIII of the tarot deck designating death, death incorporating the body in an everlasting universal body of mud and
chemical cycles, of heat and stellar bursts.

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Selected participants to the workshop and performance C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

scorri in basso per italiano.

Many thanks to all of those who sent their proposal for the workshop/performance C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

Due to the high number of subscriptions we accepted 10 profiles instead of 8.

Jean-Luc Nancy has confirmed that he will be present via Internet  streaming so the participants can interact with the philosopher in real time!

Here is the list of selected profiles:

Filippo Armati – Switzerland

Maurizio Candeloro – Italy

Marco Favazzi – Italy

Elisabetta Locatelli – Italy

Clyo Lurati – Switzerland

Amedeo Schwaller – Switzerland

Emila Sirakova – Bulgaria

Juliana Irene Smith – USA

Chiara Spata – Italy

Christian Zucconi – Italy


Molte grazie a tutti coloro che hanno inviato la loro proposta di adesione al workshop/performance  C.O.R.E. Strange foreign bodies.

A causa dell’alto numero di sottoscrizioni abbiamo accettato 10 partecipanti al posto di 8.

Jean-Luc Nancy ha confermato la sua presenza via streaming per cui i partecipanti potranno interagire con il filosofo in real time!

Ecco la lista dei selezionati:

Filippo Armati – Svizzera

Maurizio Candeloro – Italia

Marco Favazzi – Italia

Elisabetta Locatelli – Italia

Clyo Lurati – Svizzera

Amedeo Schwaller – Svizzera

Emila Sirakova – Bulgaria

Juliana Irene Smith – USA

Chiara Spata – Italia

Christian Zucconi – Italia