Open Call For Performance Artists: Amae/De Pinto’s ’63 Videos on the Body’

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Deadline 31st December 2019

Amae/De Pinto’s
In collaboration with philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy

2013 was the year of the launch of ‘58 (+1) indices on the body’, an ambitious multi-media project designed to extend Jean-Luc Nancy’s text and intended to offer clues that explore the notion of body and soul through action and sound.

From 2013 the collective Amae and artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto performed 5 actions derived from the 58+1 paragraphs initially written by Nancy and were invited to meet the philosopher and perform two actions with him in Freiburg and Strasbourg.

Later, Nancy wrote 4 more paragraphs exclusively for the project and recorded his own voice reading the whole of the 63 statements.

To celebrate the event, one more performance took place at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London.

Following this 63 audio tracks were selected from submissions by more than 40 composers to create a soundscape for each recording of Nancy’s voice.

We now believe that the time has come to put everything into moving images. Therefore we are now opening a call to all performance artists willing to give their own unique contribution to Nancy’s statements.

We are looking for brand new pieces, specifically made for ‘63 VIDEOS ON THE BODY’.


What we seek are videos documenting brand new performances. Each piece can be performed in any location of your choice and filmed in the best way you can. The idea is to edit all the performances together into a longer film that includes 63 actions, Nancy’s voice and the previously selected tracks.

Please note:
-Each artist can create more than one piece.
-Please contact us before sending footage. We need to work out who is performing each statement first.
-Each artist will receive a copy of Nancy’s text to choose from and the related audio.

-The selected pieces will be edited further in order to be part of a final documentary/movie that will be promoted at any available opportunity.

-We aim to work as closely as we can with each artist during the selection process, therefore you are invited to contact the curators in order to ensure the best outcome possible.

-We understand this process might take a long time, but we prioritise quality. It took us two years to find and select the audio tracks and we are planning to extend the deadline for this last step until the whole of the 63 statements has been filmed.

Please send your expression of interest to:

63 videos on the body


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