Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has passed away

We are receiving with great sadness the news of Jean-Luc Nancy’s passing. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with those who are close to him and his family.

Over the last eight years, the encounter with Jean-Luc Nancy was a pivotal moment for our project and a revealing experience for all the people involved in this endeavour. Jean-Luc Nancy gifted us by revising his text: ‘58 Indices sur le corps’ and implementing it with new written and recorded content specifically created for the project.

His precious contribute was not only the testimony of one of the greatest minds of our time but also an act of generosity towards the new generation of artists and thinkers.

Jean-Luc Nancy joined a series of our live performances, becoming not only an exceptional point of reference, but a truly inspiring friend.

The news of his passing reaches us like a whisper but a tribute will be necessary in due course. This is why, to keep the project alive and running, AMAE and Pier Giorgio De Pinto wish to involve performers and video artists from all over the world to create a film comprehensive of live performances inspired by the philosopher’s content. His work, his voice and his sharp sense of humor will survive him for years to come.

From left: Ivan Lupi (AMAE), Jean-Luc Nancy, Pier Giorgio De Pinto


Open Call For Performance Artists: Amae/De Pinto’s ’63 Videos on the Body’

immagine per call videos new


Deadline 31st December 2019

Amae/De Pinto’s
In collaboration with philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy

2013 was the year of the launch of ‘58 (+1) indices on the body’, an ambitious multi-media project designed to extend Jean-Luc Nancy’s text and intended to offer clues that explore the notion of body and soul through action and sound.

From 2013 the collective Amae and artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto performed 5 actions derived from the 58+1 paragraphs initially written by Nancy and were invited to meet the philosopher and perform two actions with him in Freiburg and Strasbourg.

Later, Nancy wrote 4 more paragraphs exclusively for the project and recorded his own voice reading the whole of the 63 statements.

To celebrate the event, one more performance took place at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London.

Following this 63 audio tracks were selected from submissions by more than 40 composers to create a soundscape for each recording of Nancy’s voice.

We now believe that the time has come to put everything into moving images. Therefore we are now opening a call to all performance artists willing to give their own unique contribution to Nancy’s statements.

We are looking for brand new pieces, specifically made for ‘63 VIDEOS ON THE BODY’.


What we seek are videos documenting brand new performances. Each piece can be performed in any location of your choice and filmed in the best way you can. The idea is to edit all the performances together into a longer film that includes 63 actions, Nancy’s voice and the previously selected tracks.

Please note:
-Each artist can create more than one piece.
-Please contact us before sending footage. We need to work out who is performing each statement first.
-Each artist will receive a copy of Nancy’s text to choose from and the related audio.

-The selected pieces will be edited further in order to be part of a final documentary/movie that will be promoted at any available opportunity.

-We aim to work as closely as we can with each artist during the selection process, therefore you are invited to contact the curators in order to ensure the best outcome possible.

-We understand this process might take a long time, but we prioritise quality. It took us two years to find and select the audio tracks and we are planning to extend the deadline for this last step until the whole of the 63 statements has been filmed.

Please send your expression of interest to:

63 videos on the body


63 Variations on the body, second edition. Selected tracks.

new_soundcloud jean_luc nancy_greytext

We really want to thank again everyone involved for making this such a fantastic project.
It was a lot of enjoyment to listen to the wonderful tracks that have been created by all composers using Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded voice.We have received more then 70 tracks and finally we have selected 26 tracks to complete the whole project of ’63 Variations on the body’.

After the launch of this project it is now time to turn the music into visuals.
For this reason, and in anticipation of the making of a documentary about the whole project, we will open a call for a very special workshop for performers and directors to create a short movie for each of the tracks and for each recording by Jean-Luc Nancy.

We are aware that the entire machine we set in motion requires a lot of time, energy and dedication but we are confident that the result will be impressive thanks to the quality of the work of all people involved!

So, congratulation to:
Charlotte Adams (Vortichez) Tracks 18,46
Alberto Alassio Track 41
Donald Beteille Track 27
Nik Bizzell-Browning Tracks 35,54
Neil Brandt Track 22
Simon Christopher Buck (Spaceman Nor Bear) Tracks 9,21
Daniel Diaz Tracks 47,51
Eric di Martino Tracks 5,25
Francisco Mastucci Track 13
Josep Mateo (Soundreamerdays) Tracks 44,53
Luis Menacho Track 38
Roddy Stephen Track 24
Michael Szpakowski (Szpako) Track 4
Nadir Vassena Tracks 3,10,30
Creek Waddington (Sensations) Track 32
Rodney Waters Tracks 15,45
Ross Whyte Track 1

Here, as follows, the complete list including the tracks of first edition’s call.

1 Ross Whyte
2 Nacarid Lopez
3 Nadir Vassena
4 Michael Szpakowski
5 Eric di Martino
6 Stuart Moore
7 Eric di Martino
8 Luiza Schulz
9 Simon Christopher Buck
10 Nadir Vassena
11 Luiza Schulz
12 Tim Risher
13 Francisco Mastucci
14 Michael Szpakowski
15 Rodney Waters
16 Stuart Moore
17 Diogo Fragoso
18 Charlotte Adams
19 Eric di Martino
20 Paule Perrier
21 Simon Christopher Buck
22 Neil Brandt
23 Max Dowling
24 Stephen Roddy
25 Eric di Martino
26 Helen Flanagan
27 Donald Beteille
28 Paul Cowell
29 Paul Cowell
30 Nadir Vassena
31 Alessandro Tomarchio
32 Creek Waddington
33 Stephan Gross
34 Charles East
35 Nik Bizzell-Browning
36 Nik Bizzell-Browning
37 Diogo Fragoso
38 Luis Menacho
39 Soli Tii
40 Soli Tii
41 Alberto Alassio
42 Ross Whyte
43 Nacarid Lopez
44 Josep Mateo
45 Rodney Waters
46 Charlotte Adams
47 Daniel Diaz
48 Carmen Rodriguez
49 Max Tandefelt
50 David Atanackovic
51 Daniel Diaz
52 David Jason Snow
53 Jose Mateo
54 Nik Bizzell-Browning

55 Soli Tii
56 David Atanackovic
57 Andreas Schwarzkopf
58 Jose Mateo
59 Frank Horvat
60 François Larini
61 Felipe Vilasanchez
62 Stephan Gross
63 Eric di Martino

AMAE/DE PINTO in collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy at Palazzo Grassi, Venice.

AMAE/De Pinto with Jean-Luc Nancy at Palazzo Grassi

Helicotrema Festival will offer a special sonic visit of the exhibition “Sigmar Polke”, while the Teatrino will host sessions dedicated to exploring the live form.


Exhibition “Sigmar Polke”, Palazzo Grassi, Venice. Detail from ‘Die Trennung des Mondes von den einzelnen Planeten’, 2005, Pinault Collection, Ph. Tiziana Fabi / AFP.

Jean-Luc Nancy performing Index n.62 and Index n.63

This is the track that was selected by Helicotrema festival in which Mr. Nancy performed two Indices: nn.62/63.

The track includes a musical background and was a pilot piece for the project ’63 Variations on the body’.

Performer: Jean-Luc Nancy, Philosopher

Curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE Art Collective



Wednesday 19 October 2016 5 p.m at Palazzo Grassi.

Campo San Samuele, 3231, 30124 Venice

The project is curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio


After last year’s success, Helicotrema continues its collaboration with Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana, all events taking place in the galleries of Palazzo Grassi and the adjacent Teatrino.

A special playlist will accompany visitors to the exhibition “Sigmar Polke”. Here, the sounds can be accessed independently via smartphones and tablet computers.

In the foyer of the Teatrino Palazzo Grassi, however, three collective listening sessions will be organised. The first session is curated by the theorist and performer Brandon LaBelle.The other two sessions contemplate the effects of architecture on sound and the act of listening. These will feature live sets by sound artists Robert Curgenven and Petri Petri Kuljuntausta.

Palazzo Grassi, from 10am to 7pm. Introduction to the project at 5pm.
Axial Age’: Danilo Correale, Vittorio Cavallini, AMAE/De Pinto, Giovanni Lami, Gaëtan Robillard, Maria Balabas, Dario D’Aronco, Mariangela Gualtieri.
Alchemic World’: Alberto Tadiello, James Webb, Matteo Nasini, Roberta Busechian/Christoph Szalay, Pauline Oliveros, Maria Luisa Spaziani.
Rationalism’: Alessandro Bosetti, Alessandra Messali, Petri Kuljuntausta, Roberta Durante, Bernhard Rüdiger, Giacomo Raffaelli, Cecilia Borrettaz.

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, from 6pm to 9pm
Live session:
18:00 – The Hidden Sphere: Brandon LaBelle
19:00 – Climata: Robert Curgenven
20:00 – Petri Kuljuntausta

Free entry from 5pm

Curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio
With the support of OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway
In collaboration with Eventi Arte Venezia
A special thanks to the Pentagram Stiftung


Helicotrema | Palazzo Grassi

Audio recorded by Jean-Luc Nancy for the project

Jean-Luc Nancy talking about the project 58 (+1) Indices on the body

(French with subtitles in English)

Twitter @AmaeDePinto

AMAE ART Collective

Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Jean-Luc Nancy


AMAE/DE PINTO contribution for La forme de l’âme – LAC Teatrostudio Lugano Switzerland.

After the success of AMAE / DE PINTO at Punta della Dogana in Venice last November, the magnificent recordings of JeanLuc Nancy for the project 58 (+1) Indices on the body contribute to the event La forme de l’âme at LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Teatrostudio Lugano, Switzerland. Performer Elena Boillat, electronic composition by Nadir Vassena, directed by Fabrizio Rosso for Barock Reloaded.

Sunday, December the 20th, 2015 at 7:00pm.


OM-barock_LAC_1 OM-barock_LAC_2

AMAE/DE PINTO at Pinault Foundation, Punta della Dogana, Venice.


Ph. Courtesy Blauer Hase.

AMAE/De Pinto with Jean-Luc Nancy & Stephen Roddy

58 (+1) Indices on the body. Indices nn.21_7_3

5′:45′’ – 2015

Performer: Jean-Luc Nancy, Philosopher

Composer: Stephen Roddy

Curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE Art Collective

Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 5.30 p.m. at Central Cube of Punta della Dogana / Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, Campo San Samuele, 3231, 30124 Venice

Free entry to Punta della Dogana for the inhabitants of Venice and the students of the Academy of Arts of Venice, IUAV and University Ca’ Foscari.

The project is curated by Blauer Hase and Giulia Morucchio

Media partner: Radio Rai 3


With the kind support of Eventi Arte Venezia.

Helicotrema | Palazzo Grassi

Audio recorded by Jean-Luc Nancy for the project

Jean-Luc Nancy talking about the project 58 (+1) Indices on the body

(French with subtitles in English)

Twitter @AmaeDePinto

AMAE ART Collective

Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Jean-Luc Nancy

Stephen Roddy

63 variations on the body. Open call for Composers. 2nd edition.


63 variations on the body — Open call for Composers. 2nd edition.

Deadline October 31st, 2016

new_soundcloud jean_luc nancy_greytext

After the launch of the project on Soundcloud, featuring Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded voice reading his treaty 58 Indices on the body, it was time to turn the text into music. For that reason, and in anticipation of the making of a documentary about the whole project, we opened a first call for composers to create a background track for each index/statement – written and recorded by the philosopher. It has been a success with more then 60 composers from all over the world sending us interesting compositions.
As we don’t have completed the entire set of indices/statements we open the present new call to complete the 63 recordings.

Candidates will join our Soundcloud page where they can choose a statement, or more than one (up to a maximum of three), and develop a musical accompaniment while also sharing their track with other artists.

Application procedure

Participants follow the directions below.

The number of the indices still available, after the first call, are in total 26:

Numbers: 1/3/4/5/9/10/13/15/18/21/22/24/25/27/30/32/35/38/41/44//45/46/47/51/53/54

– Please go to the link as follows in which you can find the tracks to download and to listen to (please you have to scroll until finding the tracks with a number as icon, the other tracks with customized icons are the ones created already by other composers):

– Save your completed version of the form with a new name as follows: yourlastname_58indicesform

Prepare a folder, named yourlastname_58indicesapplication


Include the following files:

  1. The application form, completed and renamed.
  2. One or more sound tracks (up to three), only mp3 files clearly labelled, yourlastname_58indicestrack _number of the chosen index or indices (chosen only between the numbers from the list as above).
  3. Your CV in pdf format.

Send this folder to only via

As a confirmation, send a separate email to to let us know that you have sent your application;

e-mail subject: 58(+1) Indices on the body open call for composers.


Eligibility and Selection

The 58(+1) Indices on the body open call is open to the up-and-coming generation of composers. There is no age limit.

Probably we will receive multiple tracks for the same index so from all eligible applicants only a total of 26 tracks will be chosen between the ones above indicated. The applications will be judged for the originality, creativity, artistic vision, and craft represented by the compositions submitted.

The selected/winning tracks will be announced via mail and on our blog

during the month of November 2016.


Note that

– We are accepting electronic applications only.

– The selected tracks featured in the documentary will be only one each index/statement even though we leave all the tracks on our group; also the ones not selected via this call.

It is mandatory that the tracks have to contain Nancy’s voice but the voice can’t be distorted nor manipulated in any possible way and each track has to be neither shorter than 20 seconds, nor longer then 7 minutes.

– AMAE art collective and Pier Giorgio De Pinto reserve the right to select participants and tracks.

– Incomplete applications, or those which do not fulfill the eligibility criteria will not be published.


Documentation – Downloads




For more information, contact us at

Useful links



63 Variations on the body. The winners!

A big thank from Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE to everyone who participated in our contest.

It was a lot of enjoyment to listen to the wonderful tracks that have been created by you using Jean-Luc Nancy’s recorded voice.

In 6 months, we have received more then 60 tracks and finally we have selected 37 tracks. We have the winners!

new_soundcloud jean_luc nancy_greytext

Congratulation to:
Atanackovic David (House_of_hollyz) Indices nn.50/56
Bizzell-Browning Nik Index n.36
Cowell Paul Indices nn.28/29
di Martino Eric Indices nn.7/19/63
Dowling Max (Yedelbert) Indices nn.23
East Charles Index n.34
Flanagan Helen Index n.26
Fragoso Diogo Indices nn.17/37
Gross Stephan Indices nn.33/62
Horvat Frank Index n.59
Larini François (S/QU/NC/R) Index n.60
Lopez Nacarid Indices nn.2/43
Mateo Jose (Soundreamerdays) Index n.58
Moore Stuart Indices nn.6/16
Perrier Paule (User960308066) Index n.20
Risher Tim (Paragaté) Index n.12
Rodriguez Carmen Index n.48
Schulz Luiza Indices nn.8/11
Schwarzkopf Andreas (Le Schwarz) Index n.57
Snow David Jason (Djsnow1054) Index n.52
Szpakowski Michael (Szpako) Index n.14
Tandefelt Max (Mt.Mesh) Index n.49
Tii Soli (Neats Beats) Indices nn.39/40/55
Tomarchio Alessandro (Tommy Cyaen) Index n.31
Vilasanchez Felipe Index n.61
Whyte Ross Index n.42

As you can read not all the 63 tracks are covered by one of the magnificent musical compositions we received. For this reason we are launching a new call for composers to complete our list in the best way.  In few days we will put it on line.

We really want to thank again everyone involved for making this such a fantastic project and please stay tuned!

With our best compliments,

Pier Giorgio De Pinto and AMAE.


58 (+1) INDICES ON THE BODY – Index n.42_The phases of the pomegranate

index 42_pomegranate
Index n.42_The phases of the pomegranate
Live Stream performances by AMAE and Pier Giorgio De Pinto
On Tuesday the 15th of September 2015 from 8.00 p.m. London time.

Please follow the two Live Stream performances here:


De Pinto


  1. The body is the unconscious: seeds of ancestors sequenced in its cells, and mineral salts consumed, and mollusks caressed, broken bits of wood, and worms feasting on its cadaver underground, or else the flame that incinerates it and the ash it yields, epitomizing it in impalpabile powder, and the people, plants, and animals whose paths it crosses and with whom it rubs shoulders, and the tales from long-gone nurses, and monuments in ruins covered with lichens, and enormous turbines in factories fabricating extraordinary alloys from which its prosthetic devices will be made, and rough or lisping phonemes, with which its tongue makes spoken noises, and laws engraved on steles, and secret desires for murder or immortality. The body touches on everything with the secret tips of its bony fingers. And everything ends up making a body, down to the very corpus of dust assembling and dancing a vibrant dance in the thin streak of light where the last day of the world draws to a close.

From Fifty-eight Indices on the Body (Corpus), Jean-Luc Nancy. New York, Fordham University Press, 2008.

  1. Le corps est l’inconscient: les germes des aïeux séquencés dans ses cellules, et les sels minéraux ingérés, et les mollusques caressés, les bouts de bois cassés et les vers qui le bouffent cadavre sous la terre ou bien la flamme qui l’incinère et la cendre qui s’en déduit et le résume en impalpabile poudre, et les gens, plantes et bêtes qu’il croise et qu’il côtoie, et les légendes des nourrices d’antan et les monuments écroulés recouverts de lichens et les turbines énormes des usines qui lui fabriquent des alliages inouïs dont on lui fera des prothèses et les phonèmes rudes ou chuintants dont sa langue fait bruit parlant, et les lois gravées sur des stèles et les secrets désirs de meurtre ou d’immortalité. Le corps touche à tout du bout secret de ses doigts osseux. Et tout finit par faire corps, jusqu’au corpus de poussière qui s’assemble et qui danse un bal vibrionnant dans le mince pinceau de lumière où s’achève le dernier jour du monde.

From 58 Indices sur le corps et Extension de l’âme. Éditions Nota bene, Québec, 2004.

  1. Il corpo è l’inconscio: i germi degli antenati messi in sequenza nelle sue cellule, e i sali minerali ingenti, e i molluschi accarezzati, i pezzi di legno rotti e i vermi che lo divorano cadavere sottoterra o la fiamma che lo incenerisce e la cenere che ne deriva e lo riassume in impalpabile polvere, e la gente, le piante e gli animali che incrocia e che accosta, e le leggende delle nutrici di un tempo, e i monumenti crollati ricoperti di lichene e le turbine enormi delle officine che gli fabbricano leghe mai viste con cui gli si faranno protesi e i fonemi rudi o sibilanti con cui la sua lingua fa rumore parlando, e le leggi incise sulle steli e i segreti desideri d’assassinio o d’immortalità. Il corpo entra in contatto con tutto dalla punta segreta delle sue dita ossute. E tutto finisce per fare corpo, fino al corpus di polvere che si raduna e danza un ballo vibrionante nell’esile fascio di luce in cui si compie l’ultimo giorno del mondo.

From Jean-Luc Nancy Indizi sul corpo. Ananke Edizioni, Torino, 2009


The philosopher’s voice: Index n.61

On the 9th of July 2014 we began publishing a paragraph from the text 58 indices on the body and a related audio which was recorded by the philosopher himself especially for the project. The audio has been released every week on Soundcloud for more than one year.

Each track has been recorded in the philosopher’s voice and on the French philosopher’s original language. Some tracks have offered unexpected twists, backstage sounds and unpredicted mistakes, each of which prodded the philosopher to re-think and add new indices to his work.

Index 61 brings us to the end of this stage of the project. Actually there are also Indices 62 and 63 that have been published on the occasion of our performance at Whitechapel Gallery in London last year.

With this project we would like to give to the audience a voice to listen to that is open to interpretation, but it is also true that we would to share something that can also just be heard as a basic sound – or a noise.

We would like to continue working on audio thanks to the new stage of the project named 63 variations on the body in which we are asking collaborations with some composers. They are joining our Soundcloud page where they can choose a statement up to a maximum of three, and develop a musical accompaniment while also sharing their track with other artists.

#58indices #63variations

soundcloud jean_luc nancy index 61

Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice


Click on the picture and listen to Jean-Luc Nancy's voice
  1. Un de plus, pour qu’il n’y ait pas de clôture ni d’équilibre dans un nombre pair. L’impair n’a rien qui pose ou qui pèse, corps toujours incliné, basculant, poussé, repoussé, chavirant hors de soi.

Jean-Luc Nancy for AMAE and Pier Giorgio De Pinto’s project 58(+1) Indices on the body.